Empty Bars, Live Guitars

1. Whatcha Gonna Do (Live)
2. Better Days (Live)
3. Alright With Me (Live)
4. Melody of Jealousy (Live)

This live EP was recorded at the Hard Rock in Austin, Texas with Mark McDavid. At the time, Mark and I were playing in a band together, Wisconsin Mistake, where I played guitar and Mark played mandolin. We traded off lead vocal duties, taking lead on the songs we wrote with the other adding harmonies in the model of some of the bands that inspired us…Uncle Tupelo, Golden Smog, and The Beatles, amongst others. The songs on this EP are a selection of my songs from a longer set we played that night.

The Bayou City Tapes (A Bluegrass Covers EP)
With You (Solo Acoustic)
Just A Day In Your Life (Live)
Empty Bars, Live Guitars: Austin, Texas – October 5, 2005
Road Signs
Right About Now I’d Like to Move to Austin and Buy a Purple House
Just A Day In Your Life

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